Did you know you can go on the internet and search Happy New Year for a list of suggested messages to wish your friends? Many think you can find any information you want on the internet. Because of that some think there’s no reason to have libraries, books or magazines. Of course, those of us in the library world don’t agree. In fact there is a wealth of information online, but how does one sort the truth from the fiction? It often takes more than one source to determine what is real from what is misrepresented.

So maybe libraries, books and even magazines can help with that. Librarians are trained to help you locate the information you seek in books, magazines, published articles and even online. We not only have a large selection inside our walls, but know where to look, who to ask and how to order additional information to find what is needed. We love a challenge, and we have visitors who love to challenge us. They seek hard-to-find old books and movies and we don our detective hats and go to work. If we cannot find the answers, we send out an e-mail lifeline to our cadre of Kansas librarians through a list-serv. We sometimes consider ourselves detectives of sort.

In the mid-sixties when I began my library career, my job was to read to children, shelve books and once I had some experience, to stamp and file cards. Much has changed since the advent of computers. We would like to say it has made our lives easier, but it has definitely complicated our lives. Now so many tasks must be accomplished online. Some who visit our library require assistance with forms, job searches and other online tasks. Once again, we love the challenge and do what we can to assist. Can’t get that document attached to your e-mail to print? We will seek a workaround. Need copies of receipts, or need to send a document by scanning it, we can help.

I’m sure 2017 will bring many changes to our world. They seem to occur more rapidly than ever before. While predictions are written in books, they take time to publish. Magazines are produced more rapidly and some contain more in-depth articles about new inventions and important information. What we don’t carry in the library, we can often borrow from other libraries in our connected system. Not only can we search within Kansas, but beyond. Want to learn more about your world? We can help you find it. Need a book in order to write a paper for school? Let us help you find the research information you need. Looking for an ancestor you cannot find? We can show you Heritage Quest on the state library’s website, or point you to our fine local Linn County Genealogy Library.

Want to learn a new craft in the new year? We have books galore, and can find more. Interested in a movie you heard about? We’ll do our best to locate it, or consider purchasing. Just let us know. So start your New Year off right by calling, or better yet visit us and challenge our skills. Each of us has an inquiring mind and can help you improve your search for a more interesting new year.