With spring seemingly arriving a few weeks early, we’ve been getting busy cleaning. In this case, though, we’re making space on the shelves for new books. This also gives us the space to display good books you may have missed. We’ve watched as library visitors rush in to find a book, but might be distracted by their children. Or maybe they just have a couple of minutes to browse before rushing away to take care of other errands. Unless they’re after the latest book by a certain author, they may be stumped for what to select.

We’re here to help! Our brand new books are placed in a couple of locations in the library. You can find them on the south wall under the stagecoach sign for “New Arrivals” and will remain on display for six weeks. You can find other new books on the credenza behind the circulation desk. These are books currently on the New York Times Best Seller list, and they rotate as the list changes.

Since we’ve added many books and movies to our collection since moving in four years ago, we’ve had to install additional shelving. These had been stored in the back room until needed, but setting them up required some rearranging in order to find space. Rather then remove the comfortable furniture everyone loves, we must remove books and movies that are damaged, or rarely checked out. The many paperbacks collected over the years might have yellowed, and their covers show wear. This is good news for collectors, as these discarded books will be placed on our sale shelves for a month. If you visit near the beginning of each month, you’ll have first shot at selecting from these bargains.

Those that aren’t “claimed” by new owners might be passed on to local organizations like the Health Department, the Residencies, Walnut View Estates, the Southeast Kansas Mental Health Alliance or Pleasanton schools. Other items might be donated to Concern, or picked up by Union Rescue Mission in Wichita. Our very last resort is to recycle them ourselves. So, if you want to help give these discarded items a new home, we encourage you to visit and see what we have to offer.

A great time to do this might be next Thursday evening during the Music on Main! Jam Session, from 6-8 p.m. That way, you can be entertained by some great music as you “shop” for a few books or magazines. The funds raised by these sales help the library purchase new books and movies for your reading and watching pleasure.