After two straight weekends doing yard work, we might confirm spring is God’s way of telling us we didn’t exercise enough over the winter. With a few odd days of warm weather, we also had a lot of wind. Those were not a good time to rake those oak leaves. So, when the first couple of days without rain and little wind arrive, we hurry outside with our rakes and wheelbarrows and garden gloves. We set out with much optimism, hoping to accomplish everything on our to-do list. Alas, our out-of-shape bodies resist early in the process. By the end of the day, we’re dragging our feet to the brush pile, and returning our tools to the shed. We dig through the medicine cabinet for a tube of pain cream and plop back down on the couch.

We almost pray it will rain the following weekend, so we can just relax and do something indoors. If it doesn’t rain, maybe we’ve worked hard enough to earn a break. How about a walk on the trails at Mine Creek Battlefield? It will open for the season in a couple of weeks, though the trails are open most of the year. Or, perhaps spring breezes will allow us to visit one of the nearby lakes to fish or fly a kite with our children.

If your allergies protest the outdoors this time of year, you can always visit the library and find a good book or movie. Perhaps the easiest way for you to enjoy spring is sitting near a window with a new book and watching the birds and squirrels. If allergies don’t affect you, there’s always the chance to get a book about sports or other outdoor activities. Maybe you’ve been wanting to try photography and you finally have a chance to enjoy the scenery.

School is in session for another month and a half, but it’s not too early to encourage your children to register for our Summer Reading Program. They can begin counting the books they read on May 22 to work toward winning some great prizes. Our weekly programs will begin Monday, June 5 with a visit to Mine Creek Battlefield for a program about wildflowers, a Story Walk and a chance to plant a salsa garden. Stay tuned for more information about that and our other programs and special activities for ‘tweens in future columns and online.

For now, sit back in your easy chair and dream about all the fun things you can do this spring, and begin planning a summer of reading. Maybe you’ll even have a chance to take your book to the beach!