By now most of you have heard about the unfortunate accident that took the life of Jennifer Shaw, a young mother who lived in Pleasanton. She and her four children were regular visitors to the library and we grew fond of all of them. Jennifer ensured care of the children should anything happen to her. They are now living with Marsha and Morgan Brown, former owners of Brown’s Farm Supply. When the Brown’s closed their business and auctioned the contents, the empty building came on the radar of one of the library’s observant board members. The board had considered renovating our old building at 904 Main Street, but the cost to do so was exorbitant.

The library board agreed the building at 752 Main Street would be an ideal location for a larger space for our library. Through a lease-purchase loan at Labette Bank, the library board was able to obtain the building. The renovation of the former Masonic Lodge would not have been possible without the vision and physical efforts of designer Theresa Miller and her family.

This all occurred four years ago, and many compliments have followed since that time. After a successful invitation-only evening fundraiser, and a public open house and ribbon cutting, we were on our way. We are proud to announce the loan on the building is now paid.

Five months ago, I met Morgan Brown at Labette Bank as we waited in line for a teller. He introduced himself, and I excitedly told him I’d heard about the jam sessions he’d held in his former business. I’d wanted to have such events there for over a year, and he agreed to help us resume them. They are held on the third Thursday evening from 6-8 p.m. and are open to musicians as well as listeners.

I asked if Morgan would allow us to promote next week’s regular jam session as a fundraiser for the Shaw family, and he agreed. We invite anyone who believes that music helps heal the soul will join us. You can hear some wonderful music, from bluegrass to blues, Thursday, April 20 at the library. Please invite a few friends, offer a donation for the children’s care, or bring canned goods or other food staples. Our hope is that your hearts will receive more in return than what your hands give. Thank you!