Tomorrow evening will be the first anniversary of the monthly jam sessions at Pleasanton Library. That is not to say they are new to the building, though. When Marsha and Morgan Brown owned Brown’s Farm and Feed Supply for nine years, folks gathered on the same night of each month to play their favorite songs. We have been so thankful that they have reconnected here in this building to delight audiences with their wonderful music and folksy stories.

The roster of musicians may change from month-to-month, but the music always manages to sound cohesive. This amazes me, since I grew up playing in my high school band. We read from sheet music and if we ever played without it, it was because we’d memorized the sheet music to march on the football field, in a parade, or play in contests. The musicians at the jam sessions don’t use sheet music. Some may have learned to play their instruments that way, but later graduated to playing without printed music. Some may have learned by ear, and can follow the song by chords. As the musicians go around their circle, each gets a chance to choose the song and the chords in which it’s played. This makes for an interesting mix of music, from country to soft rock, from gospel to western.

These jam sessions were designed for the musicians to gather and play in a circle, and anyone interested in sitting in is invited. While the musicians are not “performing,” those who wish to visit just to listen can sit nearby to watch them play. While we don’t serve food at these events, we occasionally have snacks available, and even held a well-attended chili supper last year. It has been a family outing for those with children who like music, as well as a great place for all ages to gather and hear some great music – old and new.

We hold these jam sessions on the third Thursday of every month throughout the year, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The library is not open for business during the evening, but we invite musicians as well as music lovers to join us as the building fills with notes of joy!