We often think of the library as a place like “Cheers,” without the alcohol. I would add without the noise, but we’re not a typical library. We will ask the youngsters to keep it down if they get a little too excited while competing in their Roblox games. But we allow the use of cell phones, and people often visit with us, and each other, when they come to the library. We appreciate those who visit regularly, learn their names and greet them when they arrive.

We want everyone to be comfortable, so we incorporated chairs and couches in grouped seating areas. A few pieces have had to be removed due to damage. Others have been replaced by other furniture, like the Maker Space tables. Recently we purchased a hand-me-down from another library that it no longer needed. One young boy labeled it our “chocolate cake.” It can be grouped in the center of the children’s section, or split apart and rearranged for additional Story Time seating.

Our shelving has been upgraded in that area as well, thanks to a generous donation from the Umphenour family in memory of their mother. The oak shelves hold all the children’s books and fill both walls of the children’s area. This same area is used for monthly Music on Main! Jam Sessions, when musicians place comfortable folding chairs in a circle to play their favorite songs. This past Thursday was meant to celebrate Morgan Brown’s birthday, but he was out-of-state on business. The former owner of our building, Morgan helped revive the jam sessions in the building where they were once held. Guests are welcome at these events as well.

Soon, we’ll be seeing quite a few guests as tax preparers from AARP come in to do taxes for those with appointments. These volunteers help our visitors send their information electronically, which allows them to receive refunds more rapidly. The appointments are held in our meeting room at the back of the library, so discussions with the tax preparers are essentially private. These appointments begin Feb. 12 and are held every other Monday through mid-April. You may call us at the library, 352-8554, to make an appointment.

In addition to seating areas where guests can relax and read, we also have the cafe area with a banquette and large table. Visitors like to sit there to plug in their laptop, have coffee and a snack while they work. It is the only place in the library where food and drinks are allowed. The lighting is bright and the room is open. The area is shared by adults as well as children, when they take a snack break from their games.

In contrast to our previous location, this building is expansive and we thought we would never fill it. But we have added furniture and shelving throughout and wondered how we ever fit into our former space. Come in and see for yourself how this library is one of which residents can be proud. Please be our guest!