We have a great team working at the library and it takes all of us to make sure we have the materials you enjoy reading and watching. If you don’t see something you’d like to check out, you may ask any one of us to order selections from other libraries for you. We participate in a five-day-a-week courier delivery system and can usually obtain items in a week or less. Items may come from our Southeast Kansas consortium of libraries, libraries throughout Kansas or beyond. The courier system is funded by the Southeast Kansas Library System (SEKLS) in Iola, with additional funding from your local library.

You need not request these items in person, though we’re always glad to see you. Requests can also be sent via e-mail to: pleaslinlib@ckt.net, or by calling the library at: 913-352-8554. You could even make a suggestion on our Facebook page: Pleasanton Lincoln Library. If you’d like to go old school, you could even drop us a line by mail: P.O. Box 101, Pleasanton, KS 66075.

We often receive requests for the newest books by a patron’s favorite author. But when those authors don’t keep up with our readers, they ask us to find similar books. Lia Duckwall maintains lists of similar authors and suggests new ones for our regular customers. She’s also our resident Movie Maven, and has a lot of recommendations for those looking for a particular genre.

Recently, Frances Marshall’s persuasive writing skills garnered us a collection grant from SEKLS that allows us to purchase additional Large Print paperback books. We’ve had requests for these books from folks who find the hardcover versions of large print books too heavy to hold for any length of time. A couple of our new titles are: “Huckleberry Hearts” by Jennifer Beckstrand and “Harvest of Blessings” by Charlotte Hubbard. Frances carefully reviewed the list of large print books available and chose a list of those our patrons might like. We’ll continue to post new titles in this column and on Facebook.

We have many sources that help us determine what books and movies to buy, for example, magazine and newspaper reviews, book- and movie-related websites, suggestions from other librarians and friends. One we watch carefully is the New York Times Bestseller book list. While we don’t buy every book on the list, we select those by popular authors and others we hope you’ll enjoy. We display these on the credenza just behind the circulation desk. Some of these recent titles are: “The Woman in the Window” by A.J. Finn, “the Wife Between Us” by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen, “Blood Fury” by J.R. Ward, “The Sun and Her Flowers” by Rupi Kaur, “The Immortalists” by Chloe Benjamin and “Operator Down” by Brad Taylor. Other new books are displayed on the marble shelf below the “New Arrivals” sign on the west wall of the library.

Once new books and movies are purchased, it’s up to Susan Brown to catalog and process them. As you might guess, we keep her quite busy. She’s up to the challenge though, and will expedite an item if requested to do so. We gently tease her that it’s great job security.

Consider making a purchase suggestion and we’ll review its possibility. If it has limited interest for only you, but perhaps not others, we’ll search for it outside our library so you’ll be able to read it. We look forward to serving your literary and movie-watching needs.