We hope you all have someone special to share this day with, but if not please visit us at the library and we’ll fix you up with one of our books to keep you company. You don’t have to love books to work here, but I’m pretty sure we all do. Our reading tastes vary, and we’re all busy at home with chores and projects. In spite of that, we find lots of time to read and can help you find something you’ll enjoy, if not absolutely love. We may ask you lots of questions about the type of books you like to read. That will help us guide you to a book or author that might match your interests.

That’s actually something we do everyday. If a patron visits with a specific book they want to read, but we don’t have it, we’ll try to order it from another library. This is called “interlibrary loan” and we have five-day-a-week courier service that picks up and delivers these books. Sometimes it only takes a few days to get them, though popular books may take a little longer. When they arrive, we’ll call you to let you know they’re here. It’s almost like receiving a present.

If reading is not your thing, we also carry nearly 2,000 DVDs you can choose from, and many are romantic ones. While we haven’t watched everyone of them, we have seen many of them. Again, we can help you decide by asking questions similar to those for book readers. DVDs are also available to order from other libraries through interlibrary loan, so don’t hesitate to ask. The only difference from books is the borrowing period is only one week, and fines for late returns are $1.00 a day. They cannot be renewed for a second week, unlike books.

It’s going to be cold for several more weeks, according to Pauxatawny Phil, so you might want to stock up on your entertainment needs, whether they are books or movies. If we’re unable to obtain what you want through interlibrary loan, you may also place suggestions for purchase consideration. If we think your items might be enjoyed by others, we’ll put them on the list.

In the meantime stay warm, stay safe and enjoy your loved ones!