After last week’s cold temperatures and icy roads, we’re probably all ready for spring. Unfortunately, that’s not what Punxsutawney Phil said would happen on Groundhog’s Day. But if we only have another couple of weeks to worry about, there’s at least some light at the end of the tunnel.

It was a little windy Sunday afternoon, but with the sun shining, a walk around West Lake was just the ticket. There was only one fisherman out, but a couple and a whole crew of happy children running along the path burning off some energy and shouting excitedly.

We try to keep the library open during all kinds of weather, but last week was an exception. The safety of not only our employees, but visitors as well, entered into the decision to be closed most of the week. For those who don’t have internet at home and couldn’t see the posts on the four different Facebook pages, our apologies. One of our employees made a trip to the library on Tuesday morning to post a sign on the door, but those who dared to venture out on the icy streets and sidewalks were likely disappointed when they arrived. We understand a lot of folks crowded the library’s parking areas to access the free WiFi.

Some of our visitors planned to stay home during the bad weather that was forecast, and stocked up on books and movies to entertain themselves. Books can be checked out for two weeks, and movies for one week. We were open Saturday until 1:30 pm, so those who planned ahead were covered. Monday was President’s Day, our “we will be closed” sign was posted well in advance. But being closed an extra three days put some folks in a tizzy.

Typically if school is closed during bad weather, the library will be closed. There will be a sign on our front door stating this until nicer weather arrives. We hope this will help visitors plan in advance. In case we are closed in the future and you need copies made, you can visit Linn County News if they are open. Both banks are able to send faxes, though there may be a charge for non-account holders.

They say you never miss something until you lose it, and I’m sure many realized that about the library last week. We’ll do our best to remain open, and to provide you with the best service we can.