Another year ends at the library, and an exciting new one is about to begin. I’m occasionally asked how I find things to write about after ten years of weekly columns. With all that goes on at the library, it’s easy to tell the story of how viable we are. If there’s any doubt about that, just visit our Facebook page. Click on the “Photos” link in the left column and spend some time scrolling through the hundreds of photos posted since the library went live on the site.

In preparation for writing the last column of the year, I began compiling a list of the happenings since I came on board in January 2009. But the list kept growing, and the column might have turned into a book. So I’ll just hit a few highlights.

We used to be located at 904 Main St., after a fire destroyed an earlier library adjacent to the old City Hall. Our space had dark paneling, and usable space was only 1,000 square feet. In spite of that, the place was hoppin.’ I wrote about our activities in weekly columns beginning in February 2009. I utilized my graphics training to create a new logo and stationery, which we still use today. Several of us enjoyed decorating, and we filled the building with framed prints, plants, and floral arrangements. We had a small Christmas tree each year, and a Santa who posed for photos with children brave enough to sit on his lap. Storytime was held in the tiny children’s area with readers Sherry Hindman, Sally Paine, Theresa Miller, Daniel Craig, and Allene Campbell.

After painting walls and rearranging how we used the space, it was time to move on to greener pastures. It was appropriate to buy Brown’s Farm & Feed Supply so we could stretch out. We enlisted the help of Theresa and Freddy Miller, their son Robby and a number of other workers to renovate the space at 752 Main St. and had the ribbon cutting in April 2012. Our special guest was children’s author Andrea Warren with about 75 people attending the event. Much planning and effort went into how to use our new space, which seemed huge at first but already feels small. We continually move furniture and shelves to better utilize the space. While some items are stationary, we include lots of items on wheels to provide open space for monthly jam sessions, speakers, Summer Reading entertainers and meetings.

We have enjoyed the meeting room space that was created by the Friends of the Library, and have used it for Friends of Pleasanton Gardening meetings, AARP tax appointments, library board meetings and space for other events. We’re constantly looking for ways to serve the public with our larger space. We’ve held a baby shower in the cafe, a 90th birthday party for outgoing board member Florine O’Rourke with 87 people attending. KC Wolf has visited, as well as numerous musicians, marionettes, and more.

There’s also space for a growing number of books for all ages, an expanding collection of DVDs, audio books, and public computers. A blink of the eye is what the last ten years feels like to me. But when I look back at the thousands of photos of library visitors and activities, I know time has passed. We look forward to having you help us celebrate the coming year, and beyond!