How are you doing keeping your New Year’s resolutions so far? Maybe it would be easier if we chose little ones, or maybe just one or two. There are dozens of ways to tackle your resolutions such as magazine articles, books, and internet posts. Resolutions about losing weight drive advertisers to spend millions on television commercials for systems and diets to help you. The same occurs right after the holidays with commercials for exercise equipment. Those can be tempting if you’d rather walk outside, but you don’t like the cold weather. They even make treadmills with book stands so you can read while you exercise.

One resolution we like at the library is to read more books. There are ways to track what you read this year. The website Goodreads allows you to locate books you’d like to read, track them, review them and communicate with friends on the site. It’s kind of like Facebook, for book lovers. You must sign in to use the site, but it’s worth it to have access to a treasure trove of books to choose. Should you go this route and find some you’d like to read, check with your library to see if it’s on our shelves. If not, we could order it from another library and you could pick it up.

If you don’t want to sign up on Goodreads, but you’d still like to know what you read this year, ask us to print your circulation history. It includes all the books you check out from your local library, and those we order for you from other libraries in the southeast Kansas system. You may hear us talk about KOHA when we do this search for you. Of course, we can always go outside the system and find items for you at far-flung libraries. But KOHA doesn’t track these on your local library record. If you let us know in advance, we will try to help you track these as well.

Our regular readers have known for some time how this system works and they ask us to put books on “hold” so they have some waiting for them as soon as they finish the book they’re reading. For book lovers, this is a good way never to be without something to read. If you have a computer or phone, you can also do this on SEKnFind. We’ll help you register for this, if it sounds like they way you’d like to go.

So challenge yourself this year to see how many books you can read. It’s only a competition with yourself, and there is no dieting required!