Photo above: This is a good reason to borrow books and movies from the library, so the floors of your house don’t sink from the weight of those you buy.

Once again, my home projects have inspired this weekly library column. I’m slowly reviewing boxes of memorabilia, trying to choose what to keep and what to recycle. Artwork and cards from my kids when they were little? Check. Letters from friends and relatives no longer with us? Check. Duplicates I’ve discovered along the way? Recycle. Concert tickets from so long ago I don’t remember going? Recycle.

How does this relate to the library? Well, if we wanted to, we could keep every book and movie we have. It’s difficult to pull reference books from the shelves if we think someone might ask for it one day. But if the information is outdated, if the subject is no longer interesting or the book is damaged, it will be moved to the sale rack. If unsold, recycled. This allows the remaining books space to breathe, and gives visitors a chance to see those on display.

While I’m not necessarily a proponent of the “keep it only if it brings you joy,” there is a limit to how much stuff you can fit into your space. In addition to reviewing library books for deletion, we’re doing the same with the DVDs. If it hasn’t been checked out in two or three years, it gets considered for removal. You might watch for these on our sale shelf as well.

So this is hardly spring cleaning. It is a cyclical task we perform at the library. It makes room for new books and movies. That will certainly bring visitors joy!

Because I’m less emotionally attached to the items we pull from the system, it’s easier to add them to the delete cart. But I must admit to saving way too many books from the “chopping block.” This is a bad habit when you run out of shelves and end up with boxes of books and nowhere to put them. Maybe I should read that Marie Kondo book about releasing things to the universe after all.

If you would like to begin your own decluttering projects at home, visit the library to get some ideas on how to begin the process. We still have them. It seems decluttering is more popular all the time. Now, if I could only make more progress at home.