This seems to be the busiest time of year! As soon as our Summer Reading Program ended, we began creating holiday displays at the library. Like larger stores in the area, we may be overlapping Halloween, Fall and Christmas with our displays and decorations. Our library is ripe with Fall decorations among our craft and book displays, but we’re morphing into Halloween, and Christmas won’t be far behind.

In the midst of all this, renovation has been going on in my corner of the library. While I was out of state for my high school reunion wondering where the last fifty years had gone, my office was emptied for repairs and updates. I returned to a nearly completed project, and hope to repaint and paper over the repairs soon.

Like many people, I try to get everything done before I leave on a trip. It’s not always possible, but I gave it my best. On my return, I was immediately busy with paperwork and answering phone calls. But all the preliminary effort was worth it to return to my hometown and see friends and classmates. I even visited the tiny building where I worked as a library clerk at age 14. It’s now an Art League facility and holds painting classes for children and adults. The current library is near the high school and is much, much larger. They recently received a bequest of over $600,000 and I visited to see the changes. They had replaced their carpeting and re-designated their rooms to make more space for computers. The facility was quiet but busy. Students walk over after school to study, just as I had done while in high school and junior college.

My visit included trips to numerous venues including the North Brevard Historical Museum where I’d volunteered in 1990. It gave me a chance to review my high school yearbook and brush up on faces and names before the reunion. I toured the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge and saw many birds and even a gator or two in view of the launch sites at Cape Kennedy, where my dad worked for 24 years. A newer space museum now resides in Titusville, and I took a tour of the rooms that included a children’s area to inspire future astronauts. Near my childhood home is the Harry T. and Harriette P. Moore Cultural Complex, Inc., honoring an early Civil Rights leader in Florida. His former home which was bombed in 1951, was recently rebuilt from photos and memories of his oldest daughter.

I returned to the Morse Museum in Winter Park which contains work by Louis Comfort Tiffany. The exquisite stained glass creations were displayed with the care their beauty and grace deserve. The gift shop was filled with books about his work and that of many contemporaries. I got ideas for our library by visiting a used bookstore in Sanford where the owner works seven days a week stocking and organizing books placed floor to ceiling. My younger brother and I visited a Manatee Museum Center in Fort Pierce, and later toured the branch library there. It contained artwork by local painters and was filled with light from windows on the east side facing the Atlantic Ocean.

My camera was nearly worn out from all the photos I took, and it will be weeks before I can post them all on Facebook. I so appreciate having the opportunity to take the time away from work to go home for a couple of weeks to the warm, sunny south. I even had the chance to stick my toes in the sand and watch the waves roll in a couple of times. Now, back to work and I hope to see you all soon!