Each day this week, to celebrate Kansas Reads to Preschoolers month, local volunteers will visit Ms. Davenport’s preK classes at the Ernie Price Annex to read to them. Kansas Reads to Preschoolers is an annual event that promotes reading to all Kansas children from birth through age five. Through the Kansas State Library’s statewide program, parents, librarians and caregivers are encouraged to read the chosen title, “I Like Myself!” by Karen Beaumont, during a selected week and month.

The State Library purchased copies of this year’s Kansas Reads to Preschoolers Month title — one book for each public library location. The books can be used to celebrate the event in any way our libraries choose. For the last seven years, the Pleasanton Library has been asking volunteers to visit the preK classes each day during a week in November. Some of them are excited to read to these four- and five-year-olds, while others are a bit self-conscious about reading aloud. But once they get over their initial jitters, they have a wonderful time. The students are always excited to hear books the readers bring to read. Some choose the books they want to read, while some are happy to let us select one for them.

This week, our scheduled readers include Pleasanton Library employees Berta Willis and Lia Duckwall, Labette Bank’s Brianna Laver, Farmers State Bank’s Kristin Simons, and Police Chief Tristan Snyder.

In addition to this special week, regular visits to the preK class continue on a monthly basis. In addition to reading a book to the students I take a craft and snack, all relative to a letter of the alphabet they are studying that week. Another volunteer, Allene Campbell, also visits the preschoolers on a monthly basis to help them work on their small-motor skills. A number of years ago, Allene was a Kansas Reads to Preschoolers volunteer, and she’s been involved with the students ever since.

If you are interested in reading to children during next year’s Kansas Reads to Preschoolers Month, please contact me at the library to schedule your day to read!