The holiday season seems to arrive earlier each year. Store shelves confuse buyers with Halloween and fall décor marked down to make room for Christmas items. For weeks marketers have been reminding shoppers there are six fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Commercials are blasting images of all the must-have toys children should want.

At the library, we are well aware that Christmas is coming. We’re planning craft programs to create decorations. Our annual Music on Main! Chili Jam Session and Library Board/staff meeting annual holiday dinner are just around the corner. This year, we’ve even planned a cookie decorating event on Dec. 23 at 4 pm and invite all who want to participate. We also help sponsor the Cookee’s Passionate About People (CPAP) collection drive, as well as our own Pleasanton Cares on-going area for non-perishable food and toiletries.

But, other than our outdoor lighted wreath, Christmas decorations don’t appear until after Thanksgiving weekend. After that, the elves will be busy filling every corner of the library with colorful décor collected over the years. The highlight will be our Victorian tree in the southwest corner of the library. It sits next to the antique settee just waiting for those who want a pretty family photo backdrop. Tables and counters will be covered with holiday book displays, including our new collection of large print Christmas books.

With colder weather visiting our area early this year, our visitors will have plenty of time for indoor activities like reading, and watching holiday movies. Unless schools are closed, the library will remain open for those who venture out in the cold to stock up. If we must be closed, we’ll be sure to post messages on our Facebook page. If it’s warm enough to sprinkle ice melt, we’ll be sure to do so. But with the city parking lot on the north side of the library, the gravel can get icy. We want everyone to stay safe this winter, so please be careful when you enter and leave the library.

If you need a break from writing cards, decorating and baking, take a few minutes to come in to visit your hometown library. It will be a winter wonderland!