Last Thursday evening we had a big crowd at our 4th Annual Chili Jam Session. We had three large crock pots of chili and the musicians took a short break to share a meal with friends before returning to play some of their favorites songs and even a few Christmas carols. We were even graced with a banjo player this time A big Thank You to our visitors who brought a dish to share. The food was wonderful!

We continue to decorate the “halls” of the library, hanging glittering things from anything hanging from the ceiling. The tree will go up this week and the photos can begin. I’ll be visiting the preschool next week to share a story, “Snowmen at Christmas,” with a snowman craft and a surprise snack. It’s been the greatest joy of my time here to visit the classes over the last seven years and then greet new cardholders at the library when they hit their fifth birthday and can get their very own library card for the first time.

Lia continues to visit a local daycare to read to the children, and then follows that with a Story Time at the library. It’s wonderful to hear the laughter of the children as they get to know each other and play after the story. Our Board meeting next week will be a meal for board members and staff. It’s the only time all year that we are all together.

As you rush around buying gifts and serving meals to your families, please remember those who are alone during the holidays, and don’t have as much as we do. We have a donation box near our front desk for items for Cookee’s Passionate About People (CPAP). They will deliver these items to the elderly to brighten their holidays. Please be generous in this activity.

Don’t forget to stop in a check out a Christmas movie to entertain your children, grandchildren and even the adults who visit you. We also have a new selection of large print Christmas books on display for those who just need to spend some downtime after all the hustle and bustle. We look forward to seeing you!