Here at the library where all the employees are female, we were not unaware there was a Super Bowl Game this past weekend. Nor were we unaware which teams were in contention for the title. Those of us working Friday wore red, and greeted everyone leaving the library with a hearty, “Go Chiefs!”

Berta Willis, formerly of Kansas City, was one of the team’s biggest fans here at the library. She put together a red book display, including one of our newest children’s books, a Chiefs neck brace and a “We Bleed Red!” sign. She has been a fan for years, and the shirt she wore Friday was even signed by a former player. I have only attended a few professional baseball games, but have watched Chiefs’ games on television.

I was in Springfield, Missouri over the weekend to visit grandchildren and attended a local church where those attending the service looked like a sea of red. Even the babies and youngest children were wearing Chiefs garb. I barely managed to see Sunday nights’ game, at the home of a friend. She admitted she was not a sports fan, and almost bailed on her offer to have me over. During the first half she did laundry, walked her dog, and fixed a salad and pizza for our halftime meal. As we sat in front of her television to eat she became a fan. She was actually on the edge of her seat! The team was on fire in the fourth quarter and screamed away from the competition for the big win.

When I stepped outside to leave her house, I heard fireworks. I drove past the huge Mercy Hospital adorned with red lights along the roof’s edge. The news coverage included post-game interviews with Springfield fans who attended. News from Kansas City showed wildly cheering fans in the Power and Light District. The Springfield channel’s weather report even showed Kansas City and the surrounding area brilliant with lights from fireworks – from a satellite!

I left bright and early this morning to drive home, but it was worth the trip to introduce my friend to the exciting world of football. We congratulate library board member Kathy Secrest and her husband, Jesse, who were there in person after winning tickets from Midwest Ford Dealers. I expect we’ll hear some details at the board’s February meeting.

Like millions of others who cheered for the Chiefs, we’re all proud to live in Chiefs Kingdom!