In libraries across the land, the ladies and gentle men who serve the kings and queens are making ready for a special summer festival. This is to be a very special time in the lives of the young children in their realm. The craftsmen and craftswomen have begun planning well in advance, dreaming of beautiful gowns and castles. Lovely fairies and kind dragons are all invited to join in the festivities. Delicious meals will be determined and storytellers and magicians from far and wide will arrive to entertain the populace.

Of course, there will be many tales of wonder, and children will be encouraged not only to listen but read from books as well. The books can be found in these libraries, or arrive from across the land when requested by special messengers.

All are invited to this summer of fun, frolic and fantasy. Watch for postings throughout the realm, and  messages provided by other means.

For the elves and fairies who reside close to their own library, you are welcome to share items to help build a magical realm with our walls. We hope to create castles from cardboard tubes and other containers. Perhaps a craft session to make fairy gardens would be of interest, as well. We would love to receive small gowns for little princesses of various sizes. Perhaps you drink fizzy sodas and could save us the large vessels in which they arrive. We are using our imagination to create a world of wonder at your library, so please join us in providing a magical summer for those in our realm!